Bugaboo Ant

Bugaboo Ant. Your greatest travel stroller. Here is a 40 second recap on all the 3D footage made for product introduction and instruction videos. Puk: 3D Modeling and texturing – editing – post production Creative and project management: Life on Jupiter Music: Do You Like It? Kinky – 2004


Once people believed the earth was flat. Turns out, it isn’t. Adding depth can make things more interesting. So here it is, Unflat, a typeface with an extra dimension. Simple, geometric, adjustable and “animatable” too. You want to try it yourself? Just send me an email and I’ll send you the 3D files. (Maxon Cinema 4D) Puk: Concept and font …

Young Capital kick-off 2019 Teaser “WHY? SEE!”

How to get over a thousand employees excited about your next years business kick-off meeting? Well, Young Capital does it by organising a huge party and inviting all employees using a couple of banging teasers. I would go to that party, wouldn’t you? Puk: graphic design – video FX – post production – final edit


NIKE  – 123: GTM PRESENTATION FOOTAGE DAY 01 Puk: Final edit -3D Modeling – Video FX – post production – Recap