ELEFANTE – ICONIC SCULPTURE Puk: Design – modeling – 3D study

El Toro

EL TORO  – A SYMBOL In many cultures, the Bull (also Toro or Taurus) is a strong symbol. It stands for strength, Stability, Confidence and Determination. Based on a plywood children’s toy, this bull is made out of 3 mm sheet metal, Laser cut stainless steel, 140 x 60 x 35 cm (L x H xW). Puk: design – technical drawings – Client: High|Culture Galerie d’ Art & …

iPad Case

IPAD CASE – ONE OF A KIND Put your iPad in it. And your other stuff. Lift the belt and it will close itself. Cary it like a shoulder bag. And when put it down, It will open up again. Made from birch plywood and nut wood veneer. Aluminum sides. Leather belt. 200 x 7 x 0,3 cm (L x H xW). Puk: design – production …

Het Bed Breda

HET BED BREDA – THE WALL If you think most wall are too flat, well it doesn’t have to be like that, ‘per se’.  approx 635 x 350 cm (L x H).  Puk: design – technical drawings – Client Goodspace/Stijn van Woerkom/Het Bed Breda