Aromaster 2015

BRAUN AROMASTER 2015 Yes, in a way this project is a tribute to the Braun coffee machine KF 20 Aromaster, designed by Dieter Rams & Florian Seiffertin. And no, this new design is not half as pretty as the original from 1972, but that is not the main goal of this project anyway. Instead, this project is purely to demonstrate how fast you can …


NIKE  – 123: GTM PRESENTATION FOOTAGE DAY 01 Puk: Final edit -3D Modeling – Video FX – post production – Recap

Bose SoundLink On-ear

Headphones. 3D-study It’s all in the title. This is a 3D Bose SoundLink On-ear Headphones. In Black. And in White. And used in a poster, listing all the main benefits.

Wonderful World

WONDERFUL WORLD  – LEAVE REALITY BEHIND Is it useful? Is it possible? Is it a good idea? Going from convenient to awkward. Take a look in a strange world. Puk: modeling – texturing – lighting – post production – graphic design

Bose RoomMatch

BOSE ROOMMATCH Bose, the brand known for those legendary little cubic speakers with big performance. Their Pro division has bigger speakers, with even bigger performance. For big venues, obviously. Just as legendary? Perhaps. Take a look inside one of those “Progressive Directivity Arrays”, as they call it. Puk: texturing – lighting – post production

Bugatti Type 35B

BUGATTI TYPE 35B  – STUDY OF A MYTH Late twenties, early thirties. Going fast on four wheels was not an easy job. It took real guts, because cars, racing cars especially, were experiments. Most unpredictable. Malfunctions, failures, mistakes, and therefore accidents, were always just around the corner. Puk: modeling – texturing – lighting – post production

R1 D1 – DIY Star Wars Robot

R1 D1  – DIY STAR WARS ROBOT Car parts. Machine parts. Household items. Bring them all together and build your own Star Wars robot. Or a prototype perhaps. Or a strange looking trash can. Puk: Concept and design -3D Modeling and texturing – editing – post production

Fiat 500 Rally

FIAT 500 RALLY – SMALL ‘N FAST Take a small car. Build in a bigger engine. Give it side skirts and a big rear spoiler. A wide wheelbase and bigger wheels. An extra oil cooling system. Some safety features like a rollcage and bigger disc breaks. A couple of racing seats. A big exhaust and last but not least, some nice classic …


PUK  – THE MACHINE Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a Logo? No, but it is alive. And you can almost touch it. So, watch your fingers! [music: Boys Noize – Shine Shine] Puk: Concept and design -3D Modeling and texturing – editing – post production